“… but I like to think of God as…”

Here is a super challenging quote from Ligon Duncan on the importance of worshipping the God who has self-disclosed his nature in scripture and not to be crafted in our own imagination. “Still, we may venture that the greatest violations of this in our time are nonvisual, but rather mental and volitional. When people says things like, “Well, I know the Bible says that, but … Continue reading “… but I like to think of God as…”

The medium is the message

The following quote is fascinating and something we as contemporary churches should stop and think about… Key part of the Quote: People like ourselves who are in the process of converting their culture from word-centered to image-centered might profit by reflecting on this Mosaic injunction” Full quote “the clearest way to see through a culture is to attend to its tools for conversation. I might … Continue reading The medium is the message

Worship shaped by the contours of God’s redemptive work

I want to encourage you to read the following quote slooooowly and then to reflect upon the implications for when churches gather… “We love God because he has revealed the gospel to us, so it is natural that our expression of love would be framed by the contours of his redemptive work. Worship is our love response to his loving provision, so nothing is more … Continue reading Worship shaped by the contours of God’s redemptive work

Doxological Evangelism

Here is a thoughtful quote on the importance of thinking carefully about the shape (some might even say structure) of our Sunday gatherings: “During his many years of fruitful ministry, noted churchman Edmund Clowney advised many to think of their corporate worship as “doxological evangelism.” His words were a reminder that true worship without evident gladness, awe, and security in God’s redemptive provision and providential … Continue reading Doxological Evangelism


Here is a wonderful modern doxology written by Garry A. Parrett (2001):   Each perfect gift from heaven’s heights comes from our Father, God of lights, who knows full well our ev’ry need and ev’ry prayer of faith will heed (James 1:17)   When we were held by sin’s fierce chain, Heaven’s greatest loss was our great gain, for grasping not his throne above, Christ … Continue reading Doxology

Help! I don’t play a guitar and I can’t sing: How can I worship God? (part 2)

Last week we started to look at how can we cultivate worship in the day-to-day reality of our lives. We looked at Psalm 105, and especially verse 4 which says ‘Seek his face always’. This week I’d like us to explore what it means to seek his face. His face First, and probably easiest to communicate, is what this verse doesn’t say. It does not say … Continue reading Help! I don’t play a guitar and I can’t sing: How can I worship God? (part 2)