A family of churches

Following on from quote yesterday from Alec Motyer, here is another section which speaks (again) with such clarity into local church life: “the scattered churches were not isolated. Their great link with each other was the person of the aspotle; they also shared apostolic letters with each other; and in addition there is evidence in the New Testament of a variety of travelling ministers, dependent … Continue reading A family of churches

Restoration in the Church (job done?)  

Recently Terry Virgo wrote a much needed article to remind us that there is still much to be done to see the church restored to New Testament norms.  In fact I would suggest that there has been quite a bit of ‘drift’ among restoration churches as the allure of ‘what works’ dampens down what is biblically healthy.  I would suggest a slow read: article Continue reading Restoration in the Church (job done?)  

1 in 300: What does it mean to be charismatic?

As I continue our 1 in 300 series, I want to attempt to explain what it means to be charismatic. First, it doesn’t mean blowing your theological brains out and joining some freaky fringe group that likes men in white suits (Did I go a bit far there?). It also has nothing to do with preferring guitars and drums in the band to violins and cellos. So … Continue reading 1 in 300: What does it mean to be charismatic?