Doxological Evangelism

Here is a thoughtful quote on the importance of thinking carefully about the shape (some might even say structure) of our Sunday gatherings: “During his many years of fruitful ministry, noted churchman Edmund Clowney advised many to think of their corporate worship as “doxological evangelism.” His words were a reminder that true worship without evident gladness, awe, and security in God’s redemptive provision and providential … Continue reading Doxological Evangelism

Kingdom Scheduling (p6): Gathering for Worship

One of the most remarkable changes that I’ve seen, over my lifetime (I’m starting to sound a little old, aren’t I?), is the changing expectation people have around Sunday church services. When I was a kid, people were just there on a Sunday. I’m sure for some it was just religious duty, but for most of the people I knew it flowed from knowing the importance … Continue reading Kingdom Scheduling (p6): Gathering for Worship