A Spacious Place

“A spacious place” (Ps 18:19) is rich with imagery. It speaks of someone who has been walking in a restricted, enclosed or even imprisoned environment who then bursts into wide and unrestricted living. Imagine, walking for some hours through thick and prickly undergrowth and then suddenly stumbling out into a lush woodland meadow! The contrast is massive and even thinking about it makes me take … Continue reading A Spacious Place

Can I hear God’s voice?

I ‘live’ in the Charismatic world. As a result there are a set of questions that are not necessarily unique to Charismatics but are probably more frequently asked. One such question is, ‘can I hear God’s voice?’ Over the years I’ve heard so many responses to this question and lots of them have left me disappointed and frustrated! Personally I think the answer to this … Continue reading Can I hear God’s voice?

“… but I like to think of God as…”

Here is a super challenging quote from Ligon Duncan on the importance of worshipping the God who has self-disclosed his nature in scripture and not to be crafted in our own imagination. “Still, we may venture that the greatest violations of this in our time are nonvisual, but rather mental and volitional. When people says things like, “Well, I know the Bible says that, but … Continue reading “… but I like to think of God as…”

John Stott cuts through the noise on discerning God’s will

Over the last few months I’ve been reflecting how easy it is for Christians to over emphasis certain aspects of hearing and knowing the will of God (e.g. prophecy). This ultimately leads to an unbalanced (wonky) approach that then leads to wild craziness or an unhealthy cautiousness. John Stott, in his commentary on the Book of Acts, nails three healthy guiding principles of seeking and … Continue reading John Stott cuts through the noise on discerning God’s will

Scripture with soul; prayer with substance

As many of you will be aware, sadly, Eugene Peterson passed away this week. His books have had a massive influence on me! I will deeply miss his provocation to live as authentic pilgrims passing through this life. This morning I was reading a sermon from his book ‘As Kingfishers Catch Fire‘ and just couldn’t resist quoting the opening. This is Eugene Peterson pastoring and … Continue reading Scripture with soul; prayer with substance

Warning: God’s word is invasive

“For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12 (NIV) “The description of the Bible as a sword that can pierce and divide the soul demonstrates the invasive quality of the Word. When we approach Scripture with a … Continue reading Warning: God’s word is invasive

Let Scripture speak in all its complexity 

​”Across this land pastors have turned their studies into “stills,” illegal distilleries that extract ideas and morals from the teeming narrative of Scripture. People, of course, love it. They come to get their Mason-jar lives filled with pure truth so that they won’t have to deal with either the details of Scripture or the details of their own lives.” Eugene Peterson Continue reading Let Scripture speak in all its complexity