Bread and Butter Christianity

At Kingsgate over these last few weeks, we’ve been exploring together ‘Healthy Church Life’ through the last few verses of Acts 2. Here we are painted a glorious picture of a devoted community who give themselves wholeheartedly to the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, communion and prayer and then,  allowing those things to spill out into ever-increasing circles – taking care of the needy, witness and evangelism … Continue reading Bread and Butter Christianity

We value the extraordinary over the ordinary (by Tim Chester)

Let this quote, by Tim Chester, get under your skin and challenge you… “We value the extraordinary over the ordinary. Whether it’s conferences, spiritual experiences, revivals – we are looking for the extraordinary. But Jesus conducted his ministry in the context of meals, journeys and homes… Many think the goal of spirituality is serenity and stillness. But the goal of biblical spirituality is conformity to … Continue reading We value the extraordinary over the ordinary (by Tim Chester)

The Presence of God is Felt

    I’ve just finished reading ‘A Forgotten Revival’ by Stanley C Griffin. The book is mapping out the last English revival (1921). It is a beautiful book that moved me to tears as I read story after story of ordinary people being being ‘swept’ into the kingdom of God.   Chapter 9 tries to give a biblical perspective of what took place in East … Continue reading The Presence of God is Felt

The voice of ‘a forgotten revival’ 

I’ve been re-reading ‘A Forgotten Revival’ by Stanley Griffin. It is the remarkable story of the last English Revival (1921) which started in seaside town of Lowestoft and spread to many other parts of East Anglia and East Scotland. Commenting on this revival’s preaching and content,  Hugh Ferguson said the following: “ruin by the Fall, Redemption by the Atoning Blood,  Regeneration and Renewal by the … Continue reading The voice of ‘a forgotten revival’