Visulising belief

How do you write a belief statement for a local church? For me there were at least three guiding principles when I penned the belief statement below: Generosity: So much of what we as a local church believe, is shared by millions and millions of Chrisitan across the denominational spectrum and with brothers and sisters who have followed Jesus throughout history. We’re not trying to … Continue reading Visulising belief

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Diagnosing Unbelief

“It is this failure that accounts ultimately for all our troubles. We will persist in thinking of God as one of ourselves, as but a man, and we look at his actions as if they were the actions of a human being. We always start with ourselves, with our measures, with our judgements and assessments; and our most fatal error is that even when we … Continue reading Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Diagnosing Unbelief