Preaching in the Power of the Spirit

Edmund Clowney once asked Martyn Lloyd-Jones how he might know if he was preaching in the Power of the Spirit. What a response from Lloyd-Jones: “On one occasion I had tea with Martyn Lloyd-Jones in London, and decided to ask him a question that concerned me. “Dr Lloyd-Jones,” I asked, “How can I tell whether I am preaching in the energy of the flesh or … Continue reading Preaching in the Power of the Spirit

Scripture with soul; prayer with substance

As many of you will be aware, sadly, Eugene Peterson passed away this week. His books have had a massive influence on me! I will deeply miss his provocation to live as authentic pilgrims passing through this life. This morning I was reading a sermon from his book ‘As Kingfishers Catch Fire‘ and just couldn’t resist quoting the opening. This is Eugene Peterson pastoring and … Continue reading Scripture with soul; prayer with substance

Richard Baxter on Preaching

For all my preaching buddies, let Richard Baxter stir and challenge you:   “Let the people see that you are in good earnest… You cannot break men’s hearts by jesting with them, or telling them a smooth tale, or patching up a gaudy oration. Men will not cast away their dearest pleasures upon a drowsy request of one that seemeth not to mean as he … Continue reading Richard Baxter on Preaching

The voice of ‘a forgotten revival’ 

I’ve been re-reading ‘A Forgotten Revival’ by Stanley Griffin. It is the remarkable story of the last English Revival (1921) which started in seaside town of Lowestoft and spread to many other parts of East Anglia and East Scotland. Commenting on this revival’s preaching and content,  Hugh Ferguson said the following: “ruin by the Fall, Redemption by the Atoning Blood,  Regeneration and Renewal by the … Continue reading The voice of ‘a forgotten revival’