I feel frustrated (there, I’ve said it!)

Over the past few months, there have been increasing numbers of articles about pandemic induced frustration. People from all walks of life are finding that their emotional resilience is just not where it normally is and the silliest of things is triggering them. This is not surprising after the year that we have been through  and is quite understandable. For many of us, we’ve been … Continue reading I feel frustrated (there, I’ve said it!)

A Prayer for the Spiritual Flabby

“Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all his benefits” (Psalm 103:2) Eugene Peterson, writing about this verse says “Forgetfulness atrophies [wastes away] the muscles of praise and leaves them flabby and passive.”  Forgetfulness, for the Christian, is similar to me not lacing up my running shoes. The effects may not be seen straight away, but the inevitable creep of flabbiness and lethargy will eventually become … Continue reading A Prayer for the Spiritual Flabby

A prayer for spiritual renewal

How do we pray for spiritual renewal in our communities? There is a link between the renewal of the individual and community-wide transformation we often dream of in revival type situations. Here is a prayer that joins the two together… Dear Father, I know that salvation belongs to you and so I pray for the awakening and enlightening of hearts in ever expanding circles from: … Continue reading A prayer for spiritual renewal

Prayer is Relationship in Action

A couple of days ago I started reading ‘Serious Times‘ by James Emergy White. I should have read this book years ago but it sat languishing on my shelf. I’m so glad I have finally got round to reading it as it is a really thought-provoking and challenging book.   The following quote, on the nature of prayer, was especially helpful:   Prayer is not … Continue reading Prayer is Relationship in Action

Praying like the Apostle Paul

I’m currently re-reading Tim Keller’s excellent book on prayer. When you end up underlining a whole page in a book, it is a pretty good indication that the author has nailed something! That happened to me on page 20. Listen to what Tim Keller had to say about the Apostle Paul’s Prayers: It is remarkable that in all of his writings Paul’s prayers for his … Continue reading Praying like the Apostle Paul