Pastoral ministry

The following is a brilliant and challenging summary of pastoral ministry: Three pastoral acts are so basic, so critical, that they determine the shape of everything else. The acts are praying, reading Scripture, and giving spiritual direction. Besides being basic, these three acts are quiet. They do not call attention to themselves and so are often not attended to. In the clamorous world of pastoral … Continue reading Pastoral ministry

Pastoral Work Specialises in the Ordinary

Today I’ve been re-reading a few chapters of Eugene Peterson’s ‘Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work’ (which by the way he describes as: Prayer-Directing, Story-making, Pain-sharing, Nay-saying, and Community-building). In the introduction Eugene gives the following wonderful description of the importance of Pastoral Ministry:   Pastoral work takes Dame Religion by the hand and drags her into the everyday world, introducing her to friends, neighbors, … Continue reading Pastoral Work Specialises in the Ordinary