Update: Moving to Great Yarmouth


Quite a few people have been asking when we will be moving to Great Yarmouth. Here is are current answer:

  • Sunday 21st May┬áis going to be are farewell Sunday at Life Church.
  • Sunday 4th June will be out first ‘official’ Sunday at Kingsgate.
  • It’s unlikely that are house move will have gone through by then so I (Adam) may have to split my week between Great Yarmouth and Peterborough until the move finally happens.


A couple of of things to pray for:

  1. That the house move keeps progressing without any more hiccups.
  2. Lorna currently has two job applications she is applying for. Both of them are excellent jobs so pray for one or more interviews for her.
  3. We’ve now applied for schools for the girls. We think that all the local primary schools are all full so may need to appeal. Please pray for God to make a way in this situation.