The unlivable life

Over Christmas I finally got round to reading Deep Work by Cal Newport. What a fabulous and challenging book in our distracted generation1 However, the quote of the book for me is when Newport is referencing the work of Dreyfus and Kelly (two secular philosophers). He states:

“The enlightenment’s metaphysical embrace of the autonomous individual leads not just to a boring life, it leads almost inevitably to a nearly unlivable one.”


The unlivable life is the one Adam & Eve reached for in the Garden of Eden and the one that every one of their descents have compulsively lived — the autonomous individual. Or putting it in simpler terms — life that has rejected God is an unlivable life. 

I ask great things…

Today, as I return from a two week break, I read the following prayer as part of my morning devotions. What a great way to start a new term:

O Lord of the oceans,

my little bark sails on a restless sea,

Grant that Jesus may sit at the helm and steer me safely;

Suffer no adverse currents to divert my heavenward course;

Let not my faith be wrecked amid storms and shoals;

Bring me to harbour with flying pennants,

hull unbreached, cargo unspoiled.

I ask great things,

expect great things,

shall receive great things.

I venture on thee wholly, fully, my wind, sunshine, anchor, defence.

From The Valley of Vision