10 & 1/2 reasons:God loves Great Yarmouth

Recently, when visiting Great Yarmouth, I was saddened by three people in a row asking me “why would you want to come to a place like this?” The answer is very simple: God loves the 100,000 people who live in the borough of Great Yarmouth. As a result I want to be caught up in his love saturated mission in the borough (and beyond). Maybe God … Continue reading 10 & 1/2 reasons:God loves Great Yarmouth

The Glorious Church

On Sunday 2nd April I’ll be back at Kingsgate Community Church (Great Yarmouth) speaking from Isaiah 2 on The Glorious Church. Come and Join us! The church is not incidental to the great cosmic struggle for the hearts and souls of modern men and women. It is the instrument God has chosen for that battle– a battle we are called to by virtue of being … Continue reading The Glorious Church