Kingdom Scheduling (part 3)

Last time I left you to ponder the question of how we decide if we have been using our time wisely. Let’s be honest, we all live very different lives. Is there any possibility that a 400 word article could answer such a complex question? I want to suggest to you that Jesus does a pretty good job in just 19 words in Matthew 6. He is talking … Continue reading Kingdom Scheduling (part 3)

Kingdom Scheduling (p2)

Last time I kicked off a new series looking at the importance of how we fill our diaries. What we scribble or punch into our diaries reveals what we value most. Not convinced? Let’s read some famous words of Jesus, from Matthew 25: “For it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted to them his property. To … Continue reading Kingdom Scheduling (p2)

Kingdom Scheduling (p1) 

The following is the start of a new series of Life News articles I’m writing over this autumn term for Life Church. At the start of this new term, I want to focus your attention on something that may seem so utterly unspiritual (whatever that means) and off-topic at first glance that you might start to question whether I’m suffering from summer sunstroke. I’d like to talk about your … Continue reading Kingdom Scheduling (p1)