Servant Leadership by Scott Sauls

In this following quote from Scott Sauls excellent book ‘from weakness to strength‘, I think you can delete the words “in America” and replace them with “in the UK” and it then takes on a sharply prophetic stance for Christianity in our nation: In America, credentials qualify a person to lead. In Jesus, the chief qualification is character. In America, what matters most are the … Continue reading Servant Leadership by Scott Sauls

There are no ‘little’ places and ‘little’ people

Scott Sauls again touching one a major nerve in our generation.   “I see how right Francis Schaeffer was when he said that there are no little places and no little people. If Jesus would choose the small, obscure town of Bethlehem as his birthplace and the better-known (but only because of its bad reputation) town of Nazareth – “can anything good come out of … Continue reading There are no ‘little’ places and ‘little’ people