The Power of habit & ritual (part 2)

Last time, we talked about the importance of creating a habit or ritual of a daily Quiet Time or devotional time and hopefully since then, you’ve been thinking about how you can craft this in your own life.  Over a number of years, I’ve been trying to reduce the resistance and ensure that I daily get to the thing I love the most, which is … Continue reading The Power of habit & ritual (part 2)

Weight Watchers and Sanctification

In his wonderful book ‘You are what you love’, James K.A. Smith sumarrises the process of santification in one of the most helpful ways I’ve ever heard: “Our sanctification — the process of becoming holy and Christ-like–is more like a Weight Watchers programme than listening to a book on tape. If sanctification is tantamount to closing the gap between what I know and what I … Continue reading Weight Watchers and Sanctification