A prayer for spiritual renewal

How do we pray for spiritual renewal in our communities? There is a link between the renewal of the individual and community-wide transformation we often dream of in revival type situations. Here is a prayer that joins the two together… Dear Father, I know that salvation belongs to you and so I pray for the awakening and enlightening of hearts in ever expanding circles from: … Continue reading A prayer for spiritual renewal

N.T. Wright on Evangelism and Mission

I’m currently working through N.T. Wright’s excellent commentary on Colossians and Philemon as part of my morning devotions. I thought the following summary of Col 1:15-20 is so helpful / challenging: “The task of evangelism is therefore best understood as the proclamation that Jesus is already Lord, that in him God’s new creation has broken into history, and that all people are therefore summoned to … Continue reading N.T. Wright on Evangelism and Mission