The Process of Reform

I’m currently re-reading Eugene Peterson’sbook ‘Run with the Horses’. There is a wonderful section on the process of Reform. Have a read: Jeremiah had a ringside seat in the arena of this reform. It is hardly conceivable, though, that he remained a spectator. He was not the sort of person to stand on the sidelines. He helped. He participated in the reform with his preaching. … Continue reading The Process of Reform


“God wills our happiness. He blesses. There is no question about that. He also graciously describes the kind of life that is able to receive and live out the blessings that he wills. He does not say, “I want you to be happy, but how to be happy is your business to discover by trail and error the best you can. Good luck!” Not at … Continue reading Blessed

Pastoral Work Specialises in the Ordinary

Today I’ve been re-reading a few chapters of Eugene Peterson’s ‘Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work’ (which by the way he describes as: Prayer-Directing, Story-making, Pain-sharing, Nay-saying, and Community-building). In the introduction Eugene gives the following wonderful description of the importance of Pastoral Ministry:   Pastoral work takes Dame Religion by the hand and drags her into the everyday world, introducing her to friends, neighbors, … Continue reading Pastoral Work Specialises in the Ordinary

Scripture with soul; prayer with substance

As many of you will be aware, sadly, Eugene Peterson passed away this week. His books have had a massive influence on me! I will deeply miss his provocation to live as authentic pilgrims passing through this life. This morning I was reading a sermon from his book ‘As Kingfishers Catch Fire‘ and just couldn’t resist quoting the opening. This is Eugene Peterson pastoring and … Continue reading Scripture with soul; prayer with substance

What is the most context-specific act in the entire spectrum of human behavior?

Eugene Peterson destroying the overly simplified definitions of love and leads us to an life of immersion in acts of love. Just brilliant! “Love is the most context-specific act in the entire spectrum of human behavior. There is no other single human act more dependent on and immersed in immediate context. A dictionary is worthless in understanding and practising love. Acts of love cannot be … Continue reading What is the most context-specific act in the entire spectrum of human behavior?

Friendship with God

The following our probably some of the best words I’ve read on friendship with God. Don’t read them too fast!    “Friendship is not a way of accomplishing something but a way of being with another in which we become more authentically ourselves.  As we get a feel for the qualities of friendship, I think this also is important: Abraham’s life seems curiously empty of … Continue reading Friendship with God

Friendship with God

A brilliant quote from Eugene Peterson about friendship with God: “God’s friendship didn’t install Abraham on an oasis where he slept on a hammock strung between date palms, refreshing himself with a swim in the pool between naps. God’s friendship meant leaving home, long journeys, dangerous ventures, doubt-filled actions, difficult obedience. Karl Bath, perhaps our most perceptive theologian in getting inside the biblical stories, wrote … Continue reading Friendship with God

The forming of a church

“It became more and more clear that when God forms a church, he starts with the nobodies. That’s the way the Holy Spirit works. Those are the people he started with-Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph, Anna and Simeon-to bring our Savior into the world. Why would he change strategies in bringing the salvation community, church, this congregation into formation?” Eugene Peterson Continue reading The forming of a church