The Saint’s Separation

Phil 1:1 “… To all God’s holy people (Saints) in Christ Jesus at Philippi…”

“But the heart of the matter is this: the saint’s separation is not a reaction against but a response to; not a more determination to be different from the world but a whole-hearted determination to be like God by obeying his word.”

Alec Moyter


Here in this wonderful definition of what is means to be God’s separate (or Holy or Saints) people, are some helpful ideas/phrases for helping each one of us to work out how to live this in the cut-and-thrust of life:

“not a reaction against” – we live in a culture that loves to react action things

“But a response to” – a desire to respond to God’s every whisper

“Not a determination to be different from the world” – this is the road to deathly law

“but a whole-hearted determination to he like God” – to live each day looking to be more and more like our great saviour

“by obeying his word” – lives centred around God’s word, not my feelings, opinion or perspective.