Can I hear God’s voice?

I ‘live’ in the Charismatic world. As a result there are a set of questions that are not necessarily unique to Charismatics but are probably more frequently asked. One such question is, ‘can I hear God’s voice?’ Over the years I’ve heard so many responses to this question and lots of them have left me disappointed and frustrated! Personally I think the answer to this … Continue reading Can I hear God’s voice?

Restoration in the Church (job done?)  

Recently Terry Virgo wrote a much needed article to remind us that there is still much to be done to see the church restored to New Testament norms.  In fact I would suggest that there has been quite a bit of ‘drift’ among restoration churches as the allure of ‘what works’ dampens down what is biblically healthy.  I would suggest a slow read: article Continue reading Restoration in the Church (job done?)  

Too cool to be used by God

“My reaction to the faith healers was more than culture shock. I never saw anyone practise healing in a way that I would want to do it. A good deal of the responsibility for not being able to understand or accept contemporary healers was my commitment to trying to be ‘cool’, though I never measured up to my own standards of ‘cool-ness’. (Cool-ness’ is a … Continue reading Too cool to be used by God

Speaking in Tongues

Finally, and about 30 years late, I’ve got round to reading Nine O’clock in the Morning by Dennis J. Bennett. The following, from page 39, is one of the best personal explanations that I’ve ever read of what happens when someone starts to speak in tongues. Make sure you read the whole quotation as Its conclusion is brilliant! “It was okey with me, I was still very … Continue reading Speaking in Tongues