Opening our eyes to the real world

Today I’ve been studying Daniel 10. It is an amazing chapter about the intersection of prayer, spiritual conflict and the advancement of God’s plans and purposes.   Two quotes that really help us grasp the impact of this chapter: “If once the curtain were pulled back, and the spiritual world behind it came to view, it would expose to our spiritual vision a struggle so … Continue reading Opening our eyes to the real world

What is controlling your meditation

In these unusual times, I thought it would be helpful to quote Paul David Tripp, on the importance of getting control of what you meditate on:   “What controls your meditation will control your thoughts about God, yourself, others, your situation, and even the nature of life itself. And as you mediate on what you are suffering, your joy wanes, your hope fades, and God … Continue reading What is controlling your meditation

Probably the best book on suffering I’ve ever read

Today I’ve finished Paul David Tripp’s book titled ‘Suffering’. I think this is probably the best book I’ve ever read on the subject of Suffering. Yes, I’ve read the classic ‘Problem of Pain’ by C.S. Lewis and D.A Carson’s magnificent book called ‘How Long Oh Lord?’. However, both of those books try to address the subject of suffering from a Biblical /Philosophical perceptive. This book … Continue reading Probably the best book on suffering I’ve ever read

Suffering is never neutral

Over christmas, I’ve been reading Paul David Tripp’s new-ish book called Suffering (Gospel hope when life doesn’t make sense). I’ve still got a few pages left but this is a book worth reading! Written in a season of personal suffering and uncertainty, this is honest, personal, challenging and theolgically rich! Here is just one small nugget to wet your appetite… “I wish I could say … Continue reading Suffering is never neutral

I am in chains for Christ

In my morning devotions, I’m currently working my way through Philippians in the company of Alec Motyer (through his excellent commentary). In Chapter 1:13-14, Paul is explaining how his suffering is advantageous for the advance of the gospel. Listen to how Alec Motyer unpacks this: “He [Paul] did not see his suffering as an act of divine forgetfulness )’Why did God let this happen to … Continue reading I am in chains for Christ