Doxological Evangelism

Here is a thoughtful quote on the importance of thinking carefully about the shape (some might even say structure) of our Sunday gatherings:

“During his many years of fruitful ministry, noted churchman Edmund Clowney advised many to think of their corporate worship as “doxological evangelism.” His words were a reminder that true worship without evident gladness, awe, and security in God’s redemptive provision and providential care, then their worship is defective. Thus, we must design worship to minister to the people God has already gathered in his name. At the same time, God’s people must recognize that their evident joy and peace in a dark world are a light to the lost. Worship designed to enable God’s people to rejoice in his goodness will also, of necessity, attract those who need to learn to rejoice and rest in him–and we cannot neglect them. Healthy worship is one of the church’s most effective evangelism tools; thus, we cannot forget the unbeliever even as we focus on enabling believers rightly to honour their God.” Bryan Chapell (Christ Centred Worship, p 132)

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