What is a church?

A couple of days ago I started reading Jonathan Leeman’s book One Assembly. It is a really well written book and is deeply thought provoking!

Here is is summary quote at the end of a long chapter on ‘what is the church?’:

“What is a church? It’s an embassy of Christ’s kingdom. It’s a group of Christians who together identify themselves and each other as followers of Jesus and as the church regularly gathering (in one place at one time) in his name, preaching the gospel, and celebrating the ordinances. All this they do by the authority of the keys.

So next time you hear someone say, “The church is a people, not a place,” you might respond: “sort of. The people become a people by regularly assembling in a place. You can’t call the team a team if they never play together.”

for more info on how we as a church have looked to outwork this, click here

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