The Power of habit & ritual (part 2)

Last time, we talked about the importance of creating a habit or ritual of a daily Quiet Time or devotional time and hopefully since then, you’ve been thinking about how you can craft this in your own life. 

Over a number of years, I’ve been trying to reduce the resistance and ensure that I daily get to the thing I love the most, which is sitting at the feet of Jesus in devotion. In order to help with this, I’ve created a set of steps which I follow every day. They are on my computer and I open my Bible and then open a new note with these questions/steps and work my way through them. Why? Because I want to reduce the amount of energy I’m having to utilise to work out what to do and focus all of my energy on being attentive to God through Bible reading, prayer and listening to him. Here’s what they look like:

1. 3 things I am grateful for

2. Daily dashboard*:

a)  Mental health

b) Sleep

c) Relational health

d) Team dynamics

e) Spiritual disciplines

*here I score myself out of 10. The individual scores for a day are pretty meaningless. However, over a week or a month, you can start to spot trends and then look to take appropriate action before things get serious!

3. Psalm reading (Reflections and Prayers)

4. Bible Journaling:

a) What does the passage actually say?

b) Are there any promises I need to hold on to?

c) Are there any commands I need to heed?

d) How does this passage point to Christ?

e) What am i going to do about it?

5. Prayers*

* I tend to write out my prayers or at least summarise them as it helps me keep focused in my praying.

6. Free journaling

7. Three questions that intrigue me*

* Questions keep the heart soft and fight against pride and arrogance.

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