Pause: Guerilla Warfare Praying

“Lead me to the rock that is higher than I” (Ps 61:2b)

As you slurp coffee and power up your laptop for another day at work, why not take a quick pause to consider the powerful and subversive nature of Psalm 61. In verse two the Psalmist prayerfully longs for some rather radical things:

  1. “Lead me” requires humility and not arrogant assurance. It’s a life posture that looks to another for direction, advice and life-shaping.
  2. “the rock” is a heart recognition that something (or more accurately someone) outside of ‘me’ has permanence and stability that far outweighs my best efforts on my best days.
  3. “That is higher than I” is guerilla warfare in a culture filled with hacks to promote ‘me, myself and I’. This prayer reminds me that sometimes it is very good to be overshadowed by another

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