Weight Watchers and Sanctification

In his wonderful book ‘You are what you love’, James K.A. Smith sumarrises the process of santification in one of the most helpful ways I’ve ever heard:

“Our sanctification — the process of becoming holy and Christ-like–is more like a Weight Watchers programme than listening to a book on tape. If sanctification is tantamount to closing the gap between what I know and what I do …, it means changing what I want. And that requires submitting ourselves to disciplines and regimens that reach down into our deepest habits. The Spirit of God meets us in that space–in the gap–not with lightning bolts of magic but with the concrete practices of the body of Christ that conscript our bodily habits. If we think of sanctification as learning to “put on” or “clothe” ourselves with Chirst (Rom. 13:14; Col 3:14), this is intimately bound up with becoming incorportated into his body, the corpus Christi.”

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