Diagnosing the trauma of our current culture

Today I’ve started reading ‘Serious Times‘ by James Emery White. This has been sat on my bookshelf for quite a number of years, and I never quite got round to reading it. I thought the following is such a helpful summary of the trauma of our current culture:


“The trauma of our world is that the processes of modernity have failed to deliver. Rather than enhancing personal satisfaction and fulfilment, we live in a barren wasteland. Moral relativism has led to a crisis in values; we find ourselves needing values but not having them, and we are divorced from any means of finding them. Autonomous individualism has led to a lack of vision; there is nothing calling us upward to be more than we naturally are. Narcissistic hedonism has fostered empty souls; anyone who has followed its ever-deadening trail knows how hollow its entreaties are. Reductive naturalism has proven inadequate for human experience; we intuitively know that there is more to reality than what we sense empirically.” (Pg49)

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