“Grand Glorying” – the cross shaped life

Charles Spurgeon, in his own unique way, shows what it means to live a cross shaped life in a sermon preached called “Grand Glorying”. He is a short extract:


“”He means that ever since he fell in love with Jesus Christ, he lost all love for the world! It seemed to him to be a poor crucified, dying thing, and he turned away from it just as you would from a criminal whom you might see hanging in chains–and would desire to go anywhere rather than see the poor being. So Paul seemed to see the world on gallows–hung up there. “There,” he said, “that is what I think of you and all your pomp, and all your power, and all your wealth, and all your fame! You are on gallows, a malefactor, nailed up, crucified! I would not give a fig for you!”… And now observe the other Cross. There is Paul on that. The world thinks as little of Paul as Paul does of the world. The world says, “Oh, the harebrained Paul! He was once sensible, but he has gone mad upon that stubborn notion about the crucified one! The man is a fool.” So the world crucifies him… So is it with the world and the genuine Christian”


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