A prayer for today: Let me abide in thee

The following is part of a prayer in ‘The Valley of Vision’ (a collection of Puritan prayers and devotions) titled ‘Sincerity’. It is a beautiful prayer to start the day with.


“May nothing render me forgetful of they glory,

or turn me aside from they commands,

or shake my confidence in they promises,

or offend they children.

Let not my temporal occupations injure my spiritual concerns,

or the cares of life make me neglect the one thing needful.

May I not be inattentive to the design of thy dealings with me,

or insensible under thy rebukes,

or immobile at thy calls.

May I learn the holy art of abiding in thee,

of being in the world and not of it,

of making everything not only consistent with

but conducive to my religion.”


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