Here is a wonderful modern doxology written by Garry A. Parrett (2001):


Each perfect gift from heaven’s heights

comes from our Father, God of lights,

who knows full well our ev’ry need

and ev’ry prayer of faith will heed

(James 1:17)


When we were held by sin’s fierce chain,

Heaven’s greatest loss was our great gain,

for grasping not his throne above,

Christ came to us: redeeming love!

(Phil. 2:6-8)


You know the grace of Christ, our Lord:

though he was rich, he became poor,

that we, through his poverty,

would be made rich eternally.

(2 Cor. 8:9)


To such a wonderous Servant King,

our worship we will gladly bring:

in sacrifice, henceforth to live.

As we’ve received, we freely give.

(Matt. 10:8; Rom. 12:1)


To God the Father, God the Son

and God the Spirit, Three-in-One,

Be all the glory, pow’r and praise

from ev’ry heart through endless days.


(Rev. 5:13)





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