Teach me your way (Psalm 27)

“Teach me your way, Lord; lead me in a straight path.” (v11)
Why is this such a provocative statement? Sandwiched in the middle of a Psalm about the Lord rescuing us from terrible and distressing situations, it would be easy for this verse to be replaced with “God, just get me out of here!” However, even in times and seasons of pain, setback, uncertainty and loss, there are things that the Lord is able to teach you. In fact, I would suggest to you that there are things that the Lord is only able to teach you in these unsettling times. However, I want to suggest that it takes a courageous heart to pray “teach me your way, Lord”.
Notice, the second part of this prayer, “lead me in a straight path.” I don’t know about you but when I’m under pressures, facing setbacks or even loss, my life can quite quickly unravel on the inside. I can start to wonder and daydream about a different life, a ‘get out’ plan. However, here in the midst of the distress, and uncertainty, David prays that the Lord would keep him on a straight course.
Lord, today, regardless of the circumstances that I am facing, I want to pray two things. Firstly, would you teach me your ways. I want to know you and your ways more deeply as a result of walking with you today. Secondly, would you keep me from wandering. Would you keep me on the straight path of your plans and your purposes! Amen.

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