Jesus’ upside down view of leadership

The following quote from Scott Sauls, although it uses America as the comparison with Jesus’ leadership worldview could so easily be replaced by the UK or the Western World in general. Feel provoked:

“In America, credentials qualify a person to lead. In Jesus, the chief qualification is character.

In America, what matters most are the results we produce. In Jesus, what matters most is the kind of people we are becoming.

In America, success is measured by material accumulation, power, and the position that we hold. In Jesus, success is measured by material generosity, humility, and the people whom we serve.

In America, it is shameful to come in last and laudable to come in first. In Jesus, the first will be last and the last will be first.

In America, leaders make a name for themselves to become famous and sometimes treat Jesus as a means to the end. In Jesus, leaders make his name famous and treat their own positions, abilities, and influence as a means to that end.

In America, leaders crave recognition and credit. In Jesus, leaders think less of themselves and give credit to others.

In America, leaders compare and compete so they will flourish. In Jesus, leaders sacrifice and serve so others will flourish.

In America, leadership often means “My glory and happiness at your expense.” In Jesus, leadership always means “Your growth and wholesomeness at my expense.”

In America, the strong and powerful rise to the top. In Jesus, the meek inherit the earth.”

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