The world is NOT your Oyster

One of the great mantras of our generation is that the world is your oyster. However, I want to suggest that it is part of the reason community life is fragmenting and is the result of people who have lost touch with what words such as commitment, community and fellowship really mean.

Commitment, community and fellowship require people to shrink their worlds to ‘this’ group of people and ‘this’ set of relationships. In order for me to live a fruitful life my ‘oyster’ needs to have limits which are way smaller than the world. In practice that means being present and committed to the place and people God has placed me among for the rest of my life, unless he moves me.

This type of commitment to community and fellowship breads stability and a richness in relationships which is rare commodity in our generation.

The world is not my oyster, Great Yarmouth is.

The world is not my oyster Kingsgate Community Church is.

What about you?

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