Old Testament Monotheism

The following is taken from Christopher Wright’s excellent book ‘The Mission of God’:

A broad outline of Old Testament Monotheism:

The Lord alone is In relation to the heavens, the earth and all the nations:
Creator The Lord made them Ps 33:6-9; Jer 10:10-12
Owner The Lord owns them Ps 24:1; 89:11; Deu 10:14
Ruler The Lord governs them Ps 33:10-11; Is 40:22-24
Judge The Lord calls all to account Ps 33:13-15
Revealer The Lord speaks the truth Ps 33:4; 119:160; Is 45:19
Lover The Lord loves all he has made Ps 145:9, 13, 17
Saviour The Lord saves all who turn to him Ps 36:6; Is 45:22
Leader The Lord guides the nations Ps 67:4
Reconciler The Lord will bring peace Ps 46:8-10

And these,as Job might have whispered, are but the edges of his ways (Job 26:14)

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