My Final Day

Today is my final day working for Life Church. I am seriously blessed to have been part of such a great church for these past seven and half years! If I was to try and sum up these last years in just a few words this is what I would go for:

Vision – from the very start, we’ve been holding onto the grand vision of God’s redemption plan and his glorious church, as painted in scripture. These truths have enthralled our hearts and led us to the place of holy discontent with the world around. Things need to change! In addition we’ve looked to articulate this in very simple ways so that everyone who is part of the church family can understand who we are and where we are going – Read more here

Faith – Believing for the impossible! Not settling for the status quo. Reaching to God in prayer for all that he has for us. This is the life we’ve looked to cultivate.

Friendship – Mission can be a very lonely place, unless it’s done with friends. Then it becomes a very exciting and explosive concoction! These last seven and half years have been enriched by deep friendship, much laughter and an intense sense of camaraderie.

Disappointment & Failure – We’ve experienced some pretty massive seasons of disappointment and failure. The pain of these times were searing, yet learning how to walk through them and continuing to press into the purposes of God is one of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt.

Fruit – Oh what fruit we’ve seen! The church has not only grown in size, but also maturity and influence within the city. We’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of lives touched by the gospel of Jesus Christ!

And the amazing thing is that the best is yet to come at Life Church!



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