Yes we’re moving to Great Yarmouth!


On Sunday we shared with Life Church that we are definitely moving to join Kingsgate Community Church Great Yarmouth. Here is a copy of the letter which we sent to members of Life Church which gives a little more detail.

Dear Church Family,

This morning we shared the exciting news that Kingsgate Community Church in Great Yarmouth have confirmed that they want us as a family to come and join them. It has been wonderful to explore with them as a church over these last few weeks what the future might hold. We have met some wonderful people, been well cared for and we are very excited about all God has for us in the coming season.

As another sign of God’s hand on our backs, is that we put our house on the market and within one week had 13 viewings and 7 offers, 4 of which were over the asking price. What a faithful God we have! This caught us a little (ok, a lot) by surprise and so we are still trying to figure out how to work this from a practical perspective, but it is so good to see God at work in and amongst all the moving pieces of change that we are all navigating together.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and shared words of encouragement. We feel so loved and supported, and are thrilled that, in this time of uncertainty, the body of Christ is doing what the body of Christ has been called to do: standing together! Seriously, thank you for your love and kindness.

There are still many things to work through, such as timelines, and of course we still have much to unpack here in Peterborough about the new shape of the leadership team, but I want to suggest to you that, in a very short period of time, God has been slotting together some quite major pieces of the jigsaw of change, and I am confident that he will finish and complete it. There are never any missing pieces in God’s jigsaws!

If you would like to continue to pray for some key next steps for us as a family, here are the big ones:
Pray that Lorna would quickly get a part-time job in a local school
Pray that we find a good house that will facilitate our love for hospitality
Pray for some really good schools for the girls (a number of the primary schools seem to be oversubscribed at the moment)

Thanks again for your love and care!

With much love

Adam & Lorna 



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