New Sermon Series: Culture

Culture is the fruit of the human quest for meaning in the world – Andy Crouch


Have you ever wondered what the culture of the New Testament church was meant to feel like? I have! Amazingly, right at the end of Second Corinthians, almost as a throw away comment, we see the Apostle Paul’s praying a ‘culture shaping’ prayer for the church in Corinth. He could have prayed about so many things (!). He could have prayed about numbers, growth or strategy (not that these things are wrong) but he doesn’t! Instead he prays that their lives would be soaked in three glorious culture defining realities: grace, love and spirit. Over the course of three Sundays (22nd Jan, 12th Feb, 2nd Apr) I’m going to be exploring what a church community saturated in these world defining realities could look like in Great Yarmouth (Norfolk).

Come and join us at Kingsgate Community Church (Great Yarmouth)


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