Adam & Lorna – on the move?


Last night we shared with our friends at Life Church that we might be on the move. This was a really difficult evening for us, because for the last seven years Life Church has been our family. We’ve loved seeing the church change, grow and step into so much of what God’s promises. However, over the course of this year we’ve been increasingly feeling that our time at Life Church is coming to an end. At the same time, we’re in the process of exploring with Kingsgate Community Church in Great Yarmouth (not related to Kingsgate Community Church based here in Peterborough) if it is right for us to move, so I can take on leading the team.

Why have we said we might be moving? We believe the church is a family, and as such we want both churches to be part of this unexpected but exciting journey. We don’t want things to be imposed, but rather a coming together of apostolic endorsement from the team at Relational Mission, agreement within the eldership team, and a groundswell of “Yes, this seems right to us” from within the church. To enable this to happen well we want to explore the possibility of moving to Great Yarmouth, and also what shape the new leadership team at Life Church will take, in an open and transparent way.

If you would like to know more, then please feel free to download the letter Lorna and I wrote to the members here at Life Church. This is an attempt to summarise a whole evening, which itself was a summary of hours and hours of prayer and conversation. We hope you find it helpful in at least mapping out some of the highlights from this last year.

Download the letter here


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