The essence of reality

Over the course of the past few days I’ve been rereading Selwyn Hughes’ book Christ Empowered Living.  This book more than any has helped shaped my theological framework for pastoral care in the local church. However, what struck me afresh this morning was the combined impact of the following two quotations and their relationship to the trinity and true reality.

“The father loves the Son and gives Him everything. The Son always does that which pleases the Father! The Spirit takes of the things of the Son and shows them to us. He does not glorify Himself. We learn from the Trinity that relationship is the essence of reality and therefore the essence of existence, and we also learn that the the way this relationship should be expressed is by concern for others. Within the trinity itself there is a concern by the persons of the Trinity for one another.” D. Broughton Knox


“If one believes that God exists as three person who are distinct enough to actually relate to one another then it becomes clear somehow that the final nature of things is wrapped up in the idea of relationship. The essence of what it means to exist, the center of everything, the core of ontology, can no longer be thought of in individual terms… There is relationship within the very nature of God. God is a personal being who exists eternally in a relationship among persons. He is His own community.” Dr. Larry Crabb


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