The Presence of God is Felt


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I’ve just finished reading ‘A Forgotten Revival’ by Stanley C Griffin. The book is mapping out the last English revival (1921). It is a beautiful book that moved me to tears as I read story after story of ordinary people being being ‘swept’ into the kingdom of God.


Chapter 9 tries to give a biblical perspective of what took place in East Anglia. One of the sections is titled’The Presence of God is Felt’. I found the following very challenging/provoking:


“Surely his salvation is nigh them that fear him; that glory may dwell in our land. (v9)

CH Spurgeon commented on this verse: ‘By His coming salvation is brought near, and glory, even the glory of the presence of the Lord, tabernacles among men.’ Revival has an atmosphere that can be felt; and then presence of God comes down, it is very real, and ‘glory’ dwells n the land. There was a great awareness of the presence of God in the Scottish Hebrides in 1949:

‘The Rev. Duncan Campbell described revival as ‘a community saturated with God’. The presence of God was a universal, inescapable fact: at home, in the church, and by the roadside. Many who visited Lewis during this period became vividly conscious of the spiritual atmosphere before they reached the island.'”



What can be said other than “Oh Lord, move again in our land”


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