Kingdom Scheduling (p1) 

The following is the start of a new series of Life News articles I’m writing over this autumn term for Life Church.

At the start of this new term, I want to focus your attention on something that may seem so utterly unspiritual (whatever that means) and off-topic at first glance that you might start to question whether I’m suffering from summer sunstroke. I’d like to talk about your diary. For some, that’s a dog-eared paper book that gets rammed into your bag every time you leave the house. For others it’s a whizzy electronic app that sits on your smartphone or tablet. For others still, it’s a monster calendar with pictures of cute puppies pinned to the kitchen wall. And for others, it’s the thing they ‘don’t do’.

Now, the purpose of this new series is not to teach you the latest productivity hacks, but rather to try to ask some probing questions about how you use the 1,440 minutes that make up today (and tomorrow, and the the day after that). By the way, at the time of writing I’ve had approximately 20,180,913 minutes of life here on the planet. Tick tock …

Why is this such an important subject for us to look at? Well put very simply, how we choose to use our time (and our talents and treasure) is a good indication of what we value at a heart level. Put another way, how you use the 1,440 minutes that make up today provides a window into the affections of your heart. So often I hear people saying – just as I have, on occasion – Oh, I wish I could do xxxx,  but I’m just too busy at the moment. We live busy lives with 101 things jostling to gobble up some of our daily 1,440 minutes, but just what should we allow to eat into those minutes? Now that’s a good question.

Why don’t you take five minutes (or 300 seconds) to jot down what you think your diary tells you about what your heart treasures?

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