A virulent virus

Today I’m at home preparing some teaching notes for our new leadership training streams that kick off in a few weeks at Life Church . Digging out a book I purchased when I was 14 years old (!) I stumbled across this challenging quote that I would suggest can be applied as much to the UK culture as the America:

“Many Christians have been infected with the most virulent virus of modern American life, or what sociologist Robert Bellah calls ‘radical individualism’. They concentrate on personal obedience to Christ as if all that matters is ‘Jesus and me’, but in so doing miss the point altogether. For Christianity is not a solitary belief system. Any genuine resurgence of Christianity, as history demonstrates, depends on a reawakening and renewal of that which is the essence of the faith–that is the people of God, the new society, the body of Christ, which is made manifest in the world–the church. As we will argue in these pages, there is no such thing as Christianity apart from the church.”

Taken from ‘The Body’ by Charles Colson

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