Life News Article: Thank You

The following thank you letter, Lorna and I wrote for Life News, the weekly email sent out by Life Church:

Dear Church Family

As my three month sabbatical draws to a close, Lorna and I wanted to take some time to write this letter to say a huge thank you, for enabling us to step back from the day-to-day pressures (and joys) of church leadership, to recharge and refocus.

Both of us were much in need of the sabbatical and we also had huge expectations of what God was going to do in us. Sitting writing this letter, we both feel amazed and overwhelmed at how far God has outstripped our expectations! God is a master at lavishly refreshing and blessing us as his people. I (Lorna) just wanted to add a special note to say how wonderful it has been seeing Adam released for a season, to fully unwind, be refreshed, and thoroughly enjoy his family. We have made so many priceless memories. Thank you.

Over the coming few weeks I (Adam) will be using Life News to share with you just a few of the things God has been speaking to me about. However, for the rest of this letter, we simply want to say thank you. This sabbatical could not have happened without so many people’s commitment and willingness to carry some extra load, and for this we are so very grateful.

The other elders (Sam, Wouter and Phil) have been just brilliant! From the time we first started to plan towards this (in April/May 2014) right through to me heading off on 1st June, they have been consistently encouraging (and, as only friends can, on occasions teasing me about it!). We know that releasing me for a three month sabbatical has come at a cost tp all of them as they have had to carry an additional load over this period. However, this is one of the beautiful privileges of working in team as elders. Thanks guys.

We also want to thank Gavin who has done an incredible job, both leading up to the sabbatical and throughout it, in ensuring that the day-to-day life and activity of the church keeps moving forward. We know this was not necessarily the most convenient of times (although it is hard to work out if ever there is a convenient time for a lead elder to take three months off!), yet you’ve been amazing. Thank you.

To all the other staff and volunteers (too numerous to name in person here) who have carried not only the extra practical things that make church life work, but also some of the additional emotional load: thank you.

There are also a number of people who have made this sabbatical much more wonderful through some lavish gifts. You know who you are and we just want you to know how very grateful and thankful we are.

To the whole church family, I (Adam) have so enjoyed these last three months, yet at the same time I’ve really missed being part of the everyday life of the church family. It has made me freshly appreciate what a wonderful church family we are (not perfect, but wonderful). It has also deepened my love and commitment to the church family and I have great expectation for all God has for us in this coming season. I really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Finally, a couple of evenings ago we spent some time, as a family, talking about all that God has done in us over these last three months. Through tears of joy we each recounted so many things that God has richly invested into us as a family. Much of this comes as a result of your generosity and kindness.You will probably never fully appreciate how much of a blessing these last three months have been to us.

With much kindness
Adam & Lorna

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