Authentic faith makes a home nestled in the unfamiliar

‘And by faith he made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a foreign country.’Hebrews 11:9

Feeling at home is a strange concept.
It’s very personal and subjective. For example, whenever I head north and get near Sheffield and hear someone with a good Sheffield accent, I feel at home. It’s like I’ve just slipped on an old jumper or a pair of well-worn slippers. It just feels right. It reassures me that just around the corner there’ll be chips served with gravy, the rugby is being played properly (rugby league!) and there’s no such thing as an alley: rather, you walk down genals or even ginals. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, home for you is not up north!

So what is home for you?
Notice what this verse says: ‘Abraham made his home …’ Faith here is described as active but this time in choosing to root, embed and implant ourselves in the life that God has called us to, sometimes despite our feelings. Authentic faith is being able to make a home anywhere, as long as God has led you there.

Let me try and make this really practical:
Authentic faith for us as Life Church holds on to the promises in scripture that the church is called to be a prominent, public and an attractive community to be part of (see Isaiah 2 and also Jesus’ words in Matthew 5). As a result of this we are humbly but deliberately looking to move ourselves into key places in the community. We’ve not been called to hide in corners, but rather to be a be actively engaged in serving our city and surrounding towns and villages, because the church is meant to be a city set on the hill that cannot be hidden. A city of hope! However, by doing this we need faith in making our home in this public, and at times exposed, space because it will open us up to many and various challenges.

Authentic faith makes a home in the unfamiliar.

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