‘Arise, Lord! Lift up your hand, O God. Do not forget the helpless.’ Psalm
10:12 (NIV)

In verses 1-11 the psalmist goes to great lengths to paint the picture of
those who have clearly rejected God’s ways but seem to be prosper-
ing. For example:
‘His [he who has rejected God] ways are always prosperous; your laws
are rejected by him; he sneers at all his enemies. He says to himself,
“Nothing will ever shake me”.’ v5-6
Is this not the reality that many, even most  of us experience on a day-
to-day basis? Those who have no concern for God’s ways seem to
thrive and flourish in this world, whilst those who are looking to live for God often (although not always) face real hardship, disappointment
and pressure. Many would point to the last financial crash/scandal in
the City and ask how it is that some can earn such eye-watering
amounts and live such lavish and self-absorbed lives, whilst we may
be struggling to live a godly life on a meagre amount.
Sam Storms writes: ‘It is difficult to live in this world of corruption,
abuse, and mindless cruelty and not experience a recurring spiritual
For many, this tussle can become so suffocating that it slowly stran-
gles the life out of their relationship with God. What about you? Do
these types of questions haunt and suffocate you? I don’t want to try
to answer these questions here (although the Bible has plenty to say
on the matter), but rather to show you how the psalmist responds:
‘Arise, Lord!’ In the midst of a world that seems upside-down and
back-to-front, the psalmist doesn’t retreat from prayer and intimacy
with God; instead he presses in: ‘Arise, Lord! Lift up your hand, O God.’
The psalmist has learnt to position his heart so that all the injustice
and back-to-frontness of the surrounding world only adds fuel and
fervour to the fire of prayer in his heart. He was looking and longing for
God’s solution, God’s remedy, God’s medicine to the sickness he sees

It is one thing to see and observe the injustice around us, but another
to turn that into Godward prayer. Today, I want to encourage you to
take a fresh look around in your neighbourhoods and communities.
There is much injustice! There are many who are ‘helpless’ (v12). Don’t
fall into the trap of becoming so preoccupied with the questions and
frustrations that you never turn them into fuel for prayer. Don’t we
want God to arise in our neighbourhoods and communities? Don’t we
want those facing injustice to be treated with dignity and justice?
Don’t we want the helpless to find help and hope? Of course we do, so
let’s join with the psalmist in calling out afresh to God to ARISE

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