Psalm 8

Over the last few days we’ve been trudging along the lonely and often painful roads of the psalmist’s life. Physical and emotional pain; oppression and accusations on every side; all of it squeezing and pressing the psalmist. However, when we turn over to Psalm 8, we find the dawning of fresh hope. Listen to what the psalmist writes:

‘O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens.’ (verse 1)

One of the reasons to read through the book of Psalms sequentially, rather than just snatching at favourite verses, is to be confronted with the contrasts. After walking through the dark valleys of the early chapters, to suddenly break out of the woods and see the first flickers of hope dawning in this chapter is thrilling!

Today, wherever you are in the twist and turns of life, I want to encourage you to look up. Look up above the obstacles, setbacks and disappointments in life. Look up above the immediate twists and turns in the road. Look up above the overhanging cliffs of health uncertainty. Look up above the ominous clouds of job insecurity. Look up, because above all of these is a God who is majestic above all the earth, who has ‘set [His] glory above the heavens’.

Today is a day for seeing and allowing fresh rays of hope to penetrate your heart.

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